A Preview Of: Red Band Society


by Vanessa Barajas

What do you get when you have Steven Spielberg connected to cancer? A new show on Fox called the Red Band Society.

Red Band Society has Steven Spielberg and Margaret Nagle as executive producers. Also, Octavia Spencer plays Nurse Jackson and said it was “the best pilot she ever read”.

Red Band Society’s narrator is Charlie, who feels lucky to be a child in a coma because he enjoys being with the people that the hospital has brought into his life. The show is about a group of teenagers and pre-teens who suffer from difficult health issues together. The main character is Leo Roth, who is suffering from cancer. The group of friends are forced to experience life in the hospital. Whereas, the characters are fighting a hard battle, they do not allow the battle to take over their life and hold no self-pity. The group connects through the red bands they wear on their wrist. The bands symbolize that they’ll always have each other’s backs.

The show is a drama with a very dark sense of humor. For example, a teenage girl sharing a room with Charlie (the coma patient) presses his emergency call button because she did not have cell service. The nurse was frustrated with the girl’s behavior and threatened to sell her organs.

An interesting fact is that Leo Roth wrote his memoir, so the show is based on a true story.

Overall, the show’s commercial captivated me and the dark humor relaxed the story’s dramatic sense of death.

(Image courtesy of myfoxla.com)