2014 Fall Fashion

by Anais Chatmajian
The season isn’t the only thing changing this fall, fashion will also be taking its turn. From accessories like statement necklaces to torn jeans, our closets will be cleaned out after the long, hot summer and replenished with all the new trends!
This year, we’re seeing lots of pastel colours and floral patterns for the ladies. Ruby Munoz says, “I like the new style girls are going for with the whole bohemian look. High-waisted skirts with a crop top or a sundress, three layered necklaces, rings on the fingers, and bracelets on the wrists.” Rompers are definitely making a come back and have been seen around Highland in a variety of style and hue, paired with sandals or a cute pair of dressy flats along with jewelry like the dangly necklaces we’ve seen around the mall. Peplum shirts have also been in and can be as simple as a solid colour with jeans, flats or sandals, and a chunky statement necklace that adds flare to your outfit. Other items such as pullover sweaters, skater skirts, crop tops, jogger pants, jersey dresses, smocks, and high top shoes are a common sighting around our school as well.
For our male population, collared shirts that are patterned have made a comeback paired with a nice set of denim jeans. Tristan Maxwell-Girod says he “likes really awesome socks. Guys are starting to care more about how they look more than previous generations. I like chinos and really want to get some but tend to turn more towards the bohemian look.” Loafer shoes as well as jogger pants can also be seen, especially soccer sweats. Men seem to be dressing up more as well, so the classier the look, the better! A nice blazer can be worn over virtually anything to appear more sophisticated, paired with a scarf is perfection!
(Image courtesy of beautyandbedlam.com)