Girls Varsity Volleyball


by Kamber Bonner

Highland Girls Volleyball faces a challenging 2014-2015 season. A lack of height and experience on the court hasn’t discouraged the girls though; it has only made them stronger. Instead of making excuses, they are pushing themselves harder in order to play to the best of their abilities.

Experience is one of the central challenges. It’s a young team. Ages of the varsity players range from freshmen to seniors.  Freshman Kalani Patrick says, “I’m not intimidated being a freshman on a varsity team because I feel like I fit in with the team and they don’t make me feel like a freshman. They treat me like every other teammate and coach treats me just the same as everyone else too.”

Inexperience is relative, especially when combined with ambition. Though new to high school sports, Patrick has played volleyball for four years already, and desires to play volleyball in college after she graduates high school. She isn’t sure which college she wants to attend, however she has already Loyola Marymount University in mind.

Captain Hannah Douglas talks about some of the year’s goals, stating, “I expect my team to get first in Golden League, and also to make it through the first round of CIF.”  Douglas is responsible for holding the team together and setting a good example. She and co-captain Meigan Flanagan demonstrate important leadership roles on the court, acting as both the most experienced athletes and the heart of the team. They stress though that every player is equally important in order for the team to work.

Varsity members are Kamber Bonner, Hannah Douglas, Avianna Lambert, Meigan Flanagan, Jasmine Adams, Karen Lupercio, Katelyn Evans, Kalani Patrick, Alexxiss Diaz, Adreana Ribald, Ashlyn Bakeman, Chiara Juni, Jada White, and Paula Hicks, Zuri Moultrie.

Coach Diaz, head of Highland Girls Volleyball, teaches her players discipline and skill that not only help them in volleyball, but also in many other aspects of their lives. She has very high expectations for all of her players and is optimistic about the upcoming season.