Wild ‘N Out


by Loraina London-Calderón

Preparation for any event is a must because if things aren’t situated properly you are forced to improvise, which could result in poor results. Everyone in ASB from the coordinator to even just a member works their hardest to ensure that this is not the case. No preparation time leads to things being done very quickly and in some cases things won’t quite turn out how you planned. Unfortunately, this was the case the Highland High School ASB faced the 15th of August, a noontime that was basically pulled out of thin air. When asked the question “How much time do you think ASB put into this event?”, Amanda Wineke claimed “Maybe like a week”, but what few people know is ASB take months to plan events for their peers. At Highland, we have a certain niche for displaying school spirit and it is more or less vital because truly, who is going to show your school is great besides you? As the fans at football games say, “WHOSE HOUSE!? DOGS HOUSE!!!”.

ASB’s main goal is to get the student body involved in school activities as well as boosting school spirit. Noontime’s purpose is to get everyone hyped about being a HHS student as well as to kick-start the year in this case. Here’s a little background on Wild ‘N Out: The show was produced and created by Nick Cannon in 2008 to broadcast upcoming comedians’ talents and then went off air for 6 six years before coming back in 2013. Now what’s more fun than roasting someone in public and having people cheer you on for it? All I can say is it’s way more fun that way.


Karla Young, our ASB president, agreed to be sat down and interviewed. She claimed, “the turnout is great considering it’s the 1st noontime”. Sadly there were some technical issues. Due to the fact that ASB was only given about 15 minutes to get everything ready for this event, things got very complicated quite quickly. The late approval was definitely a damper on the event. Airelle Franks, another ASB member, stated the event could have been “EPIC” if given the proper amount of time to prepare. Though it was thrown together, the response that the students gave was overall very great and they enjoyed it as well as hope to see events like it.