Fiction: Abandoned, A Fable by Blessing King


by Blessing King 

There was once a beautiful pot that contained a pretty and delicate flower. This flower was very valuable and rare. Its petals had the most beautiful and vibrant colors anyone had ever seen. This flower meant so much to the women who owned it. The pot with the pretty flower was placed on the windowsill of the woman’s home. The sun shined on the flower and water was brought to the flower every day. The women took very good care of the pretty, delicate flower. The flower loved the presence of its caregiver.
One day, the woman received a very good job offer. The job paid very well, so she enjoyed the abundant amounts of money she was receiving. She bought all the material things she could ever want: the extravagant cars, fancy clothes, and expensive jewelry. She had everything she could ever want, but she had forgotten all about her valuable and rare flower.
The flower no longer received water. The flower’s stem shriveled and the petals became brittle and fell off beside the flower pot. The once beautiful and vibrant colored petals now turned pale. The flower felt completely abandoned because it no longer received the love and attention from its caregiver.
The woman came to her once valuable flower and saw it was a pile of brittle flower petals and she wept. She lost the flower that meant so much to her. She lost the flower that had the most beautiful and vibrant colors anyone had ever seen. She lost the flower that was so pretty and delicate. She let her material goods and money distract her precious flower. This was when she learned a lesson: never forget to nurture things. All living things need to be nurtured and loved. Without it they will perish.
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