Highland’s New Head Counselor: Ms. Moya


by Cheyenne Ferrin 

As of the beginning of this year, Highland High School gained a new head counselor, Rika Moya. Before coming to the Highland campus she worked with the students and staff of Antelope Valley High School for 8 years as a regular counselor. Moya chose to come here because she is a Highland alumni, class of 1994.

Moya has taken a keen interest in the lives of children, particularly with teenagers. She went to school to pursue this dream at University of San Diego. “I really hope to get to know the kids this year, I haven’t really gotten that chance yet because it has been so hectic,” Moya has said.

Her goals for this year are to be able to get new computers inside the career center so that the students are able to write resumes for work. “I just want to be able to make the students’ lives easier,” Said Moya, “I want to watch them succeed.” She is going to start, “Counselor of the Day”, which is when there will be a new counselor every day at the front desk, so that it makes it easier for the students to speak with their counselor if they’re at the front desk that day. The contributions Moya is going to make to highland high school will benefit us greatly