Preview on Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods


By Rebeca Mancia

Percy Jackson seems to be at his adventures again, but maybe not the way we would have expected so. This time he’s just reliving it, remembering his stories and telling them to whoever will read it, due to the fact that a New York publisher has asked him to tell the world what the deal is with the Greek Gods. The gods who caused all of his adventures and problems.

Percy starts off giving the story of Hera, starting with “good news.” In Percy’s explanation and point of view, his tone is a little comical, sarcastic, but also very natural and a little meaningful.

The story in itself seems funny and quite enjoyable. I enjoyed the little preview I read. Anyone who enjoyed the Percy Jackson series will enjoy the tales he has in this book explaining who the Greek gods are, what they’ve done, and how they came to be the Greek gods.

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