Never Forget 9-11


By Cheyenne Ferrin 

September 11th, 2014 marks the 13th anniversary of when our nation suffered greatly. In September of 2001, 4 planes set off, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 from Washington Dulles International Airport.  American Airlines Flight 77 from Logan International Airport and United Airlines 93 from Newark International Airport.


At approximately 8:45:26 am American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower. Soon after at 9:02:54 am United Airlines Flight 175 collided with the South Tower. The third plane, American Airlines Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. at 9:38 am. The fourth and final plane, United Airlines 93 was originally aimed towards The White House but crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania at 10:10 am after being taken back over by the passengers. The total fatality rate, was almost 3,000 people.


The Highland High School 2014 9/11 Ceremony was incredibly beautiful, starting off with the Presentation of the Flag with our very own AFJROTC. The Highland High School choir sang incredibly well throughout the ceremony singing “God Bless America”, “The National Anthem”, “For the Beauty of the Earth”, and with our closing song, “Dona Nobis Pacem”. Ashlie Flores did an outstanding job presenting President Obamas Presidential Proclamation and reading the 9/11 Timeline.

LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) and LASD (Los Angeles Sheriffs Department) gave the dedication of the Memorial Wreath. A moment of silence was taken throughout the ceremony to show respect, for every American life lost and reminds us to never forget the tragic day of September 11th, 2001.


Our very own alumni of 2001 SPC Jason Watts, Rifleman, A-Co. 1/184th Infantry Division spoke of his experience with the 9/11 attacks. Watts was surprised to find out that all the training and drills turned into a terrible reality. Watts stated, “I became very appreciative for life, I became very positive. I am very thankful to be an American.” Highland High School and The United States of America thank you for your service.

America has gone through trials that should’ve broke us, should have torn us down to the bone but we persevered and pulled through. You should take a moment out of respect to recognize our nation’s military and the brave men and women who are fighting for our country this moment to keep our freedom. We all mourn over the losses of everyone whom died in 9/11 but one thing is for certain, we will never forget.