Back To School Night / Flipped Classroom


By Anais ChatmajianĀ 

Back to school is an annual event held at Highland in order to inform parents on what their children are doing in their classes. Students are asked to fill out a paper indicating what classes they have each period so their parents can visit them and get a general understanding of what they will be learning that year as well as meeting their teachers.

During back to school night, our Principal Steve Ford, spoke in the large gym about a new program that enables students to learn more efficiently. Ford encourages parents to get more involved through the system of “flipping the classroom.” He believes that this will revolutionize our high school, “transforming Highland’s classrooms.”


In the past two or so years here at Highland, many teachers have adopted the new installment of flipping the classroom. Mostly the Science and English Departments seem to have taken this up with respects to Government as well as some math classes. Honors and AP (Advanced Placement) really like this program which enables students to learn more than what can be taught in the allotted 59 minutes of class each day. Head of English Department, David Rivas, explains, “I want to make the most of class time so I give the tedious things to be completed at home and want us to work more actively in class.”
Principal Ford suggests and encourages parents to visitĀ; which enables them to actively interact with their child’s growth in education.