Buy Your Yearbook Now, Save $$


By Daisy Garcia

Quick! It’s not too late! The HHS Paragon yearbook is on sale for $65 until the end of September. This will be the lowest price offered all year, so order your Yearbook while you can. This year’s edition of the Paragon can be bought at the student store or on Please note that if you do purchase your yearbook online, you can get it customized with your name embossed on it.

This year’s yearbook theme is “Unbreakable” and is going to be designed similar to a comic book. This means that we will have a book that is not only filled with candid photos of your fellow students but will also have an interesting story line throughout it.

In previous years, there has been a trend of sales that are mainly attributed to senior students. This year, the yearbook staff has the goal to sell more books to other grades, not just the upperclassmen. This is very important because if there are extras, then the unsold books just end up in storage. If more people buy them, then we can avoid that.

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