Perseids Meteor Shower

    by Daisy Garcia The universe is fascinating. Throughout the year, the stars illuminate […]

The Desert Scribe: Smile

by Makeen Yasar  When she smiled, I smiled Hoping the feeling would last a while […]

The Desert Scribe: Clouds

 by Makeen Yasar The clouds mean the time to learn something has come. My first […]

Freshmen’s First Week Marks Two Beginnings

By Myranda Munoz On August 12, 2014, the Bulldogs opened their arms to welcome the […]

Preview on Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

By Rebeca Mancia Percy Jackson seems to be at his adventures again, but maybe not […]

Israel-Gaza: No Peace in the Middle East

By Makeen Yasar The conflict within the country of Israel is a complicated one. As […]