Tv Shows: Awkward




Season 5 of the MTV Series, Awkward., has been living up to its name as the now Palos Hills High School seniors, Jenna Hamilton and her friends, begin applying to universities and colleges while still dealing with their respective teenage drama.

On New Years in season 4, Matty, Jenna, Jake, and Tamara decide to crash Sadie’s party where Matty reconciles with his mother and Jake hooks up with a cougar mother and Jenna kisses a stranger boy who she finds out later is a sophomore. Her acceptance letter to the college of her dreams never came either as her “cougar” self came to life when she took the same sophomore’s virginity.

This series as a whole can very much apply to a regular high school student, especially one here at Highland. Loraina London-Calderon says, “As the season progresses especially because it’s their senior year, it’s going to have ten times the amount of plot twists as the seasons prior because so much more is going to go down.” Jenna coasted through her freshman and sophomore year chasing a boy (Matty McKibben) who didn’t want their relationship to bloom in public and when things went sour between them she realized she needed to begin working hard in school, unbeknownst to her, a little too late.

This is only thus far a few episodes in and the plot will only thicken as the season continues on.

By Anais Chatmaijian