Unfortunate Loss Against Long Time Rival


IMG_8310The Highland vs. Quartz Hill Girls Volleyball game took place on Tuesday October 21st at Highland High School. The game was a roller-coaster ride of emotions that resulted in a loss for Highland. Both teams had to fight their very hardest to keep up with the speed of the game.

The rivalry between the schools was clear as tension lingered between the two roaring crowds and benches. Anyone could tell the Highland girls wanted the win as bad as they wanted to breathe.

Captain Hannah Douglas says, “Even though we lost the game, the team learned a lot and is now much more prepared to dominate the rest of our season and continue into CIF.”

It’s hard for the girls to stay optimistic through their loss considering Quartz Hill is the only team to defeat them so far. Regardless of the end result the team can proudly say they gave their rivals a major challenge and played with heart.

Although just returning from an injury that left her in a cast for almost a month, Highland’s junior Katelyn Evans repeatedly fired unpassable balls at her opponents.

Evans said, “It felt good to be back on the court and to be reunited with my team. All in all I think we fought hard and learned that we cannot start off slow going into CIF.”

The team will continue to work hard and pick each other up after this loss. Their priorities are to focus on their upcoming games and CIF. The season is far from over!

By Kamber Bonner