TV Shows: Z Nation

Z nation is a new series that aired on September 12, 2014 on the SyFy Channel. An American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series, Z Nation was created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler and the first season will consist of 13 episodes.

The first episode gave a glimpse at how the aftermath has affected compassion in humans. This series focuses on a group of survivors who had experimental vaccines tested on them. During their testing, a horde of “Z’s” broke into the lab where the tests were being conducted. The zombies overwhelmed the soldiers and staff in the lab and as a consequence one of our test subjects, Murphy, suffered multiple Zombie bites and was lost.  This new style of life that humans have grown accustomed impacts the way the country was ran. Small groups started rising and taking charge.






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Z nation’s first episode portrayed the post-apocalyptic theme with abandoned buildings, streets, and cars. Although, some parts from the show seemed to resemble The Walking Dead. For example the similarities arise in the idea that only one person can lead the small group and crazies arise frequently in the series.

The concept of a zombie apocalypse has already been implemented well by The Walking Dead, and personally I feel it should be left up to them to keep the audience in their grasp with their intense episodes. Z nation can become a good competitor to The Walking Dead, but the real challenge for both will be who can portray the aftermath better.

Z nation is a good show for someone who enjoys zombie violence and absurdly crazy human beings. Tune in every Friday at 10 pm to see what will happen next.


By Myranda Munoz