Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, Walt Disney Studios’ newest animation, is an entertaining and warm movie set in the movie’s American and Japanese blended metropolis, SanFransokyo. The movie brings about thematic topics of loss, friendship, and forgiveness through a family-friendly dialogue and colorful world, succeeding in catering to wide-eyed and ambitious children.

The movie is centered around Hiro Hamada, a 14 year old engineering prodigy, and his robotic companion, Baymax, a helpful and lovable health-care robot, as they seek out the criminal who stole one of Hiro’s inventions– nanotech bots controlled by a neurotransmitter.

This movie’s Avenger-esque theme showcases Hiro and his friends in the battle of good versus evil in a unique way for kids. Loosely based on a former Marvel comic about a Japanese superhero group, the heroes in this film all use science as their weapons. From Wasabi’s laser blades to GoGo’s magnetically propelled skates, these engineers help bring an enthusiasm and wonder to science, compelling me to forsake any of my future plans and commit my life to technology– just to have a pair of my own uber-skates.

The star of the film is the robotic companion Baymax. Baymax is the ultimate friend as his sole purpose is to help ameliorate pain; he won’t shut up until you’re satisfied with his health-care performance. His lovable, pillow-like form and comical misunderstandings of Hiro’s needs were some of the most enjoyable parts of the movie. Big_Hero_(film)_poster_003

What really blew me away was the vast and vivid world that Disney created for this film. SanFransokyo is humongous and beautiful. The rolling hills and bay city atmosphere of San Francisco was expertly combined with the sleek, towering skyscrapers and vibrant lights of Tokyo. The entire city teems with life as the citizens diversify the setting and bring the film to life. The mixture of American and Japanese cultures created a world separate and unique.

The movie is obviously tailored for a younger audience, something that might alienate some teenagers. The dialogue is pretty expositional, making the plot and motivations obvious. The big reveal of the main villain leads to what seems to be a thinly plotted motive, and there isn’t a large amount of character-development for the supporting cast. Despite all of this, Hiro’s pre-pubescent struggles and conflicts are relatable and endearing, something that should help older audiences stay engaged.

If you’re a fan of animation and interesting new worlds, I would suggest seeing this movie. Big Hero 6 is a bright and fun movie, perfect to watch with your family or younger siblings. The creative spirit the characters exhibit and Hiro’s quest to find closure will have you rooting for Big Hero 6 all the way to the end.




By Makeen Yasar