Movie Review: Fury

The movie Fury, directed by David Ayer, depicts the crappy, dirty, immoral parts of World War 2. The movie takes place in Nazi Germany around April 1945. A crew of  five unpleasant men fight for their lives behind enemy lines with nothing but a tank called the Sherman, which is as run down and bitter as the soldiers in it. This movie is not just another Saving Private Ryan carbon copy because  the sole objective of the characters is survival. The real purpose of the movie is to show the harsh and brutal parts of war.

Tdownloadhe war scenes, acting, and overall story is pretty amazing. The cinematography was very smooth, making it very easy to follow the many battle scenes. These sequences are extremely intense and keep your palms sweating as you struggle to stay still from all the action happening on screen. The many well-known actors in this movie, like Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Michael Pina, caused me to feel drawn to them, wanting to like them even though their characters are all jerks.

Even though this movie has many positive aspects, I do not consider it to be anywhere near perfect. There were not many scenes where the movie began to lose me, but there was one that really through me off. A dining scene between the characters, which I feel was meant to help the audience relate more to the characters, did not fulfill its purpose. If the director could just cut this scene out then I would love this movie a lot more because that scene just diverts from the plot for almost thirty minutes– at least thats how long the scene feels. If you have to step out to use the restroom or restock on snacks, this would be the perfect time for it.

Overall, this is an pretty amazing film. I would highly recommend watching it in theatres because the huge screen and massive sound effects add to the experience. I would give this movie a solid eight out of ten.

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By Jose Cordova