TV Shows: Nashville

Nashville’s third season premiered September 24, 2014 with more drama than ever. Juliette Barnes has broken up with her lover Avery Barkley and receives a huge shock– she is pregnant and does not know if the father is  Avery or Jeff Fordham, the manager of her old record label, Edgehill Republic.

Rayna James is faced with marriage proposals by both her boyfriend, Luke Wheeler, and her ex- boyfriend and father of her first daughter, Deacon Claybourne. Rayna also has to work very hard to stay number one against Edgehill’s new artist, Will Lexington.

Nashville_logoScarlett O’Connor is trying to leave Nashville after having a mental breakdown. A drunk Avery joins her on the trip, wanting to get away from Juliette. However, Gunnar Scott– Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend, song-writing partner, and her best friend’s current boyfriend– shows up to prevent her from leaving Nashville.

Nashville is a dramatic show that takes the audience on a wild ride. There are rebellious teenagers, fame-suffering young woman, a love triangle, and pregnancy of unmarried parents. The show never has a dull moment because there are so many overlapping stories. The show executes what celebrities have to go through to do what they love and how it affects their families. That is why Nashville is a great show for anyone to watch. Catch all the drama and shocking surprises in the new season of Nashville on ABC Wednesdays at 10 pm.



By Vanessa Barajas