TV Shows: Once Upon A Time

Heartbreak and longing lingers throughout the season premiere of Once Upon the Time. See Elsa’s journey and the Evil Queen intent as the season progresses. Once Upon a Time airs every Sunday at 8 p.m

A cold sensation breezes over Once Upon a Time as Elsa and Anna make their way Storybrooke. Season 4 starts off with the girls’ parents writing a letter to them, hoping they’d receive it, as the waves upon the sinking ship consume them. The messaged bottle foreshadows the ending of the episode where Elsa goes off in search of the reason their parents went to the Enchanted Forest.

Once_Upon_a_TimeSeason_4_PosterRevenge sweeps Storybrooke as the love triangle between Robin, Marian, and Regina begins. Regina and Robin’s relationship ends as Marian returns and reignites her marriage with Robin. Regina’s heart turns cold as she pursues vengeance on Marian for taking her love away. We learn she finds a better way to seek her happy ever after.

Regina becomes a better person as she finally puts her past to rest. Her strength in watching her only beloved love someone else shows true courage; its hard to be the better person. However, it might be difficult following the plot at times without knowing the characters and their traits.  Starting from the first season is best in order to get a fuller understanding of the show. Some of the acting was well but most of it was amateur. The only interesting hook that kept me watching was the love triangle between Robin, Marian, and Regina.


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By Amber Philbeck