Top Christmas Gifts

It’s the holiday season again,  the clock is ticking and the time to buy everyone’s presents is almost up. It’s getting down to the wire! Are you wondering what presents to get your mom, dad, sibling, significant other etc.? Well, you’re in luck. This years top presents are…  Wait a sec, you can’t just buy the same present for everyone! I mean would you buy your brother and your mom the same thing? No! You have to buy something different for everyone.

All moms love to get nice warm sweaters or gift cards to their favorite store. Moms also love sentimental gifts like pictures in engraved picture frames or charm bracelets. If you’re not planning to spend lots of money, moms still love homemade gifts. All in all if you get your mother anything, she’ll love knowing it comes from you.

Next present to get is your dad’s, someone who is pretty tricky to buy for because no one dad is the same. Some dads like wrenches and tools, others appreciate funny t-shirts. To get a good present you should ask your mom or grandma to gain the best insight on what he likes.

For siblings and friends you can never go wrong with giving them a dvd of a funny movie.

Girlfriends love jewelry. Especially rings or necklaces. If you’re not trying to spend a lot of money you can get her something hand made. Draw her something or write her a holiday poem.

Everyone knows what boyfriends want this time of year. Get your special someone either a video game, or if your boyfriend is more sporty, maybe some sliders and he’ll be happy.

Well I hope this helped you as you embark on your Christmas shopping! Have a merry Christmas!

christmas-gifts-presentsBy Avianna Lambert