Sexual Assault

hhs campusAfter alleged reports of one of Highland’s long-term substitutes, Aaron Alvidrez, sexually assaulting a 17 year old special needs student, social media went rampant.

According to KTLA news, “the perpetrator is being held on a $325,000 bail on seven accounts of felony including multiple counts of Committing Sodomy on a Minor, Oral Copulation on a Minor, and Meeting a Minor for the Purpose of Committing a Lewd Act. School officials contacted the Sheriff’s Department after the victim claimed the attacks have been ongoing since September. The alleged assaults took place inside a classroom and in the teacher’s vehicle.”

Twitter, a social media forum used excessively by high school students around the Antelope Valley, was among the first to find out about any news concerning anything in the area. This situation was not any different. Several students from Highland were astonished and quite frankly disgusted at the fact that a teacher would take advantage of not only a minor who is a student, but also someone who may not be capable of adhering to right decisions due to a mental and/or learning deficiency.

Students from other high schools in the valley also had quite a few words to say, both equally disturbing and agreeable. Due to the maturity of most of these teenagers, plenty of jokes were being made about how bad of a school Highland is considering we’ve had such a great start of the year only to be brought down by such an awful act. However, these long term subs are hired by the district board which extends all across seven or eight high schools in the area. Many students tweeted that, “no one should be making jokes because it could’ve happened to anyone.” While this statement holds true, perhaps more precautions should be taken by both students and teachers at every high school.

By Anais Chatmajian