TV Show Review: Empire

By Amber PhilbeckUnknown

The new TV show, “Empire”, recently premiered on January 7th and its showing time is every Wednesday at 9 p.m.

During the show, you will see a son wanting his dad’s attention, a father disgusted and shamed over a homosexual child, brothers greedy and self-observant, and a mother who wants what she thinks she deserves.

Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard, who spent his whole life building up Empire Entertainment, discovers he is ill with ALS and thus goes on to pick one of his three sons to run the company. This starts the competition among each brother, among whom are a married businessman (Andre Lyon), a closeted gay singer (Jamal Lyon), and an artist who was abruptly put into the music industry (Hakeem Lyon). Lucious’s ex-wife, Cookie, is then released from jail and is determined to claim a part of the company she helped create.

Not only does Empire show powerful passion for success, it essentially shows drama throughout the cast members. The premiere issues flashbacks among each character, exposing the family history and true colors amongst everyone. Empire relinquishes infamy that besieges the music industry. There is so much talent and incitement in the TV show Empire that it’ll have you anxious for the next episode. I highly recommend watching Empire.