TV Show Review: Eye Candy

Eye_Candy_fanmade_1by Omega Nnoham

The horror drama MTV show, Eye Candy, premiered on January 12th.  Nickelodeon’s Victorious star, Victoria Justice, plays the main character, Lindy. Lindy is a professional hacker who illegally hacks into the NYPD computer system to find missing people and her kidnapped sister, Sarah. She spends several years trying to specifically find the people responsible for her little sister’s abduction. One day Lindy’s best friend, Sophia, creates an account by the name of “Eye Candy” for her on a dating app called “Flirtual.” While on “Flirtual” Lindy attracts a man who happens to be a serial killer. This serial killer was able to hack into Lindy’s webcam and spy on her. He stalks her and kills many of her acquaintances. The Eye Candy series focuses on Lindy trying to hunt down the serial killer who is stalking her and put an end to his killing spree.

From just the first episode, “K3U”, I was completely obsessed with the series, because I personally like shows and movies that are horror thriller. I highly recommend Eye Candy for anyone who is looking for a good thriller show. This show keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. It has its moments of gruesome, creepy, and intense scenes.

Being familiar with Victoria Justice’s acting career from her days of Zoey 101 and Victorious, her role as Lindy is the complete opposite of her previous roles. As Tori and Lola, she played peppy and happy girls, while Lindy is more of a dark and mysterious woman who no one wants to mess with. Personally, I feel Justice played the role very well.

For all the horror fans out there looking for good new show, Eye Candy comes on MTV Monday nights at 10 p.m.