UPDATE: Highland Brings In the 90’s with Spirit Week

spiritweek90By Daisy Garcia

Get ready Bulldogs, because the first week of February will start with a spirit week at Highland. ASB has planned next week to be full of classic television shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Each day has a specific theme that identifies with a classic television program. The impending week of dress up is to welcome in the new year and launch school spirit for all the spring sports that will begin in the next few months.

 Monday, February 9th, is Urkel Day, a Family Matters inspired day in which everyone is invited to dress like the most memorable character on the show– Urkel! As one of the most iconic smartypants on television during our generation, Urkel wore large frame glasses, high waisted pants, and suspenders. There is no better way to kick off a school’s spirit day than with the celebration of brains.

 Tuesday, February 10th, is inspired by two shows of the 90’s: Saved By The Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “Saved By The Fresh Prince Day” calls for nothing but 90’s style fashion. Wearing denim jackets, overalls, scrunchies, side ponytails, huge sweaters, and awesome sneakers would take us all back in time to when everyone danced the Typewriter instead of The Bernie.

 Wednesday, February 11th, is Twin Day or “Sister Sister Day”. This is inspired by the hit tv show Sister Sister, starring Tia and Tamera Mowry. There are no specific wardrobe guidelines, other than the school’s dress code. This day calls for everyone to dress similarly with the person of your choice, and if you have an actual twin, here’s your day. If not, then find a matching t-shirt for you and your best friend.

 Thursday, February 12th, throws us back to the early years of Disney Channel. Thursday is “Zenon Day”, inspired by the classic Disney Channel original movie, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. This movie is about a girl who goes to high school in space, where neon fashion is the norm. Neon clothing is the name of the game and ASB hopes that everyone will be playing.

Friday, February 13th, is “Splurge Day”. Since this week has a very specific theme, each grade will not be assigned a different color, but a different tv show to mimic. Seniors are asked to wear floral clothing like the characters of Rocket Power. Juniors are told to look like characters out of The Wild Thornberrys and wear jungle prints. Sophomores get to dress in pastels like The Rugrats used to, and Freshman can live out their Spy Kids fantasies by wearing all black.

 This attire will, hopefully, be seen all over campus as a way to show how spirited the students are. The week of fun should get everyone excited about the pep rally on Friday and encourage students to take part in school activities.