Movie Review: Blackhat

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By Jose Cardova

Blackhat by director Michael Mann involves a group of unknown predators who hack Hong Kong’s nuclear plant and Merchant Trade Exchange. It is up to convicted hacker, Nick Hathaway, played by well known actor Chris Hemsworth, to help with the  FBI’s investigation. Nick is the best of the best when it comes to computers and so are the opposing hackers. Both sides go head to head to prove who is the superior opponent. Once on the case, Nick and his fellow allies realize the predators have an even more deviant motive.

This movie may sound pretty exciting, but truth be told it is actually pretty boring. If Chris Hemsworth was not in the movie, I would probably not have seen this movie.  I expected this movie to be as action-packed as Thor, seeing as Chris Hemsworth was the star, but the action was lacking. The entire script of the movie is dull, making the dialogue simplistic, which made all the characters boring. Besides the boring script, the movie itself is very unbelievable. Chris Hemsworth plays a super nerd genius hacker, but still looks like someone who spends more time in the gym then he does sleeping. Do not get me wrong, Hemsworth is an amazing actor, but this role was definitely a mix up.

Overall, the only good thing I can say about this movie is that when it did have the shoot out scenes, they were on point. They were actually brilliant and very well thought out, but that is it. I really wish I had not wasted my money on this movie and instead waited to see it on

Redbox or Netflix I give this movie a five out of ten only because Chris Hemsworth was in it.

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