Highland Throws it back to the 90s

IMG_5903 IMG_1187By Loraina Calderon-London

Last Friday, Highland concluded the “90’s Throwback” Spirit Week with a pep rally. The last day of every spirit week is known as Splurge, which includes ASB choosing four different themes for each class along with planning an array of activities to follow as the pep rally. For this rally, the themes include 90’s and early 00’s tv shows and movies, such as Spy Kids for freshman, The Rugrats for sophomores, The Wild Thornberrys for juniors, and Rocket Power for seniors.

The pep rally started as it normally did with a fun walk that led to roll call. The aspect of this rally that made it interesting was the fact that the skits were very 90s based throwing it back to Good Burger and The Amanda show. People who lost the balloon pop game were given a Nickelodeon trademark sliming. This rally was a true ode to the 90s.

ASB worked hard to make this possible and it definitely was a success. When asked where they got this idea from, Senior Anais Chatmajian commented that, “Everyone is really into the throwback songs so that’s where the idea generated from.” Music is definitely a big contribution in these rallies. The fact that the idea came from it is amazing because it’s such a small thing create such a big event. This Pep Rally was a blast and the turnout was amazing.