Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades of grey poster

By Andrew Argueta

Fifty Shades Of Grey, the world’s most talked about movie of 2015 so far,  released on February 13th, 2015. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film is based on the infamous best selling novel of the same name written by E.L James. The movie follows the story of awkward English major Anastasia ‘Ana’ Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a young millionaire living in of Seattle, Washington.

One day before her college finals, Ana decides to take on an interview for the school paper where she’ll have to interview Christian Grey for her roommate. Christian is a very well known man and upon arrival the interview begins immediately. Grey sees an interest in Ana and he asks her out for a coffee to see if he can get to know her a little more. Then the movie gets ridiculous. Christian invites Ana back to his luxurious apartment in Seattle via helicopter ride. He decides it is time to show Ana his infamous “Play Room.” Inside, she discovers that Christian wants more than a casual sexual relationship, but one that involves chains, whips, handcuffs, lots of leather, and nipple clamps among other things. Ana, shocked by the moment, seems to be fine with what Christian wants (surprisingly), but to go forth with this decision, he has her sign a nondisclosure agreement confirming that she will not talk about what goes on between the two to anyone else.

The movie gave me mixed emotions. Some moments I was laughing at how ridiculous it was, other moments I just wanted to stop watching the movie. The chemistry of the two characters seemed awkward which made the movie more interesting I would say. The character development and progression of their relationship seemed pretty filled out, but the controversial nature of their relationship is what has everybody talking.

Many say this movie promotes sexual abuse and I can’t disagree. There were scenes where Christian seemed to lose it and be controlling. He had a lot of skeletons in his closet, and there were times he would direct his anger at Anastasia. This movie is obviously not a family appropriate movie. It is very mature and if you are not ready to see explicit sex scenes, leave it alone. If you are okay with that, then go ahead and watch it, but remember what you are getting yourself into.