Movie Review: The Boy Next Door

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By Alondra Vazquez

The Boy Next Door is an American erotic thriller, directed by Rob Cohen, released on January 23, 2015. This thriller is about a newly divorced woman, Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) who falls for a much younger man named Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman) who lives next door. Claire was feeling vulnerable so when Noah tries to seduce her, she is unable to resist him.  After she tries to end affair with him, everything went downhill from there.

Noah was obsessed with Claire and did unpredictable things to try to keep her. For example, he tried to get her fired from her job as an English literature teacher by leaving a printer running in Claire’s classroom with images of them having sex scattered everywhere. He also tagged on the boy’s bathroom “I [expletive] Claire Peterson”. He almost caused her son, Kevin, and her ex-husband, Garrett, to get into an accident by removing the breaks from his car. He did everything possible to get her attention and to get her to be with him. Claire tried to confirm with him that nothing will ever happen between them but he wouldn’t listen.

I personally believe The Boy Next Door was a good movie. It was intense and there was so much suspense and detail into this movie. The ending didn’t satisfy me as much as I thought it would because it wasn’t what I expected. Throughout the whole movie, it was suspenseful but at its resolution it left much to be desired. The most intense scenes were in the middle of this film because Noah did unthinkable things to get attention from Claire. If you’re into intense movies I recommend you to go watch it but you probably won’t be pleased with the ending.