The Desert Scribe: My Apologies

images-1maybe you were rIght for calling me useless

because i’m still standing here acting clueless

i don’t know yet what i have done Wrong to you

And i still doN’t know whaT to do

i know i have a broken familY,

but that shOuldn’t change the way yoU see me

i’m sorry you got caught up in issues Between my mother And i

and i really wish i Can go bacK and rewInd

i’M sorry for being honeSt with you 2 nights before christmas

i thOught honesty is what builds stRonger relationships

i sure hope your other options are better than me

and i’m sorry i didn’t made you happy

i neveR wanted to hurt you in anyway

and i’m sorry i wasn’t good enough for you to staY

By Shayann Boggis