“Enchanted Forest Rave” Poses Problems to Some

Image courtesy of chickensmoothie.com

Image courtesy of chickensmoothie.com

by Loraina Calderon-London

There is a lot of skepticism towards the theme of this year’s prom. Prom is the day that most seniors wait for because it not only is the ending of an era, but also the last official tie we get to go to a formal dance with our friends. Tons of planning goes into this event: Junior Senate start preparations in September, girls start Pinterest boards on what their perfect dresses look like, boys strategize how to ask the girl of their dreams, and everyone budgets  how much you are truly going to spend on the entire event.

Prom is a huge deal to anyone that decides to attend and one of the biggest contributors to the event is the theme, due to the fact that dressing accordingly is not only fun but also shows you have school spirit. The place where this becomes a problem is when the theme doesn’t fit to your aesthetic. Highland High School’s Junior Senate has chosen the theme of Enchanted Forest Rave, which  does present some issues with the student body. The biggest one seems to be the fact that not only are we using the same venue as our arch rival’s, Quartz Hill High School, previous prom but we also have the same theme as their prom this year, with the exception of our’s being a “rave”.

Here is a little history on Prom;

The word Prom is short for promenade, which began as a black tie event that resembles a debutante ball, known to be teens first adult social event. Though high school yearbooks didn’t cover the event until the 1930s, it is believed to have been going on since the early 1800s, but held in college instead of high school .

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Prom became what it is today– a grand extravaganza at a pristine location with elaborate decorations. Now, it is a major dance that you could easily spend more than $300 dollars on and Prom Queen and King has become an American tradition.

The main concern is with the word rave being included  because of very negative connotation. The problem with all of these things is that it isn’t quite everyone’s aesthetic. When people think of prom, they think of corny posed pictures in a large gala with friends–it is a night to remember. This changes when something like the word “rave” is included.  The rebuttal to the scandalous theme was made by the ASB president Karla Young. She explained that “If people knew what the venue looked like, they’d understand why this theme was chosen. There is an upstairs and downstairs: upstairs is a more elegant area for everyone to eat and chill whereas downstairs has more of a club feel.” This explains the reason for the world rave being included, not necessarily because we will be in a rave, but more of a club aesthetic.

Fact of the matter is Quartz Hill has had their prom theme since last year. Isn’t it odd that right before we had to finalize a decision on the theme, this is what was come up with? Let’s just hope the actual event is better than what the theme makes it sound.