Several Reasons Why Student Health is at Risk

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by Kamber Bonner

Poor student health is not just an issue, it is a crisis. The food-like substances that students are consuming, combined with a lack of sleep and exercise is a recipe for disaster. The CDC, Center of Disease Control, reports that in 2012, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Of course, adult health is just as bad, however, these students are young so  there must be a way to prevent the youth from continuing down this slippery slope of bad health.

Its not surprising that there is an obesity epidemic among the student population when we examine family life. Children learn from their parents and typically pick up on their habits. Therefore, parents are the root of the problem. In order to help this problem, parents must take initiative and encourage healthy habits by living healthy lifestyles themselves.

Along with parental duty, students should take it upon themselves to get educated. Because life is about personal choices and  the consequences of those choices, it is important for students to learn to be independent. Choosing a healthy diet is a perfect way to start, beginning with something as simple as swapping a bag of chips with an apple, or a soda with water. Small changes can make enormous differences.

Another problem that affects student health is lack of sleep. The CFAH, Center for Advancing Health, reports that only about 8 percent of high school students get enough sleep on an average school night. Many parents blame the amount of homework students receive for the inadequate sleep. Although this could be a factor, many students use social media often during the day. Instead of being on Twitter and Instagram 2 hours a day, transferring that time into exercising could improve student health.

Many students do not get enough exercise as they should. Exercise does not have to be participating in a school sport; it can as easy as going for a walk. The hardest part about being active is the commitment to start. Once you incorporate fitness into your daily life, it only gets easier to continue and reach a goal. Getting up and moving is an easy and healthy habit everyone should acquire.

Time and laziness can’t be an excuse for creating a future of poor health. If everyone does their part and takes responsibility, together we can live happier and healthier lives.