Boy’s Tennis Begins Their Season

By  Myranda Munoz It’s that time of year again. The boy’s tennis team is back […]

The Desert Scribe: How About We Just Stop

thIs is a stupid game we are playing always trying to get the last word […]

The Desert Scribe: My Apologies

maybe you were rIght for calling me useless because i’m still standing here acting clueless […]

The Desert Scribe: Do You Understand

Sitting on my back yard tree my face getting kissed by the wind Cursing myself […]

The Desert Scribe: My Break Out or Breakthrough

My Breakout or Breakthrough The Simple sound or simple song Music was the only way […]

Students Will Be Able to Display Work in Media Center

by Daisy Garcia As many of the students are aware, the library is being expanded […]