Prom Dress Hunt is on for Female Students


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by Anais Chatmajian

Prom dress season is in session all over the country as schools get ready to throw their annual prom dance from April to May. While all the dance planning is still underway, girls everywhere are freaking out about what their 2015 prom dress will look like and if they’ll be able to find their dream dress.


Some girls have no clue where to even start looking but a good tip is to always start on the internet. My personal favourite site is Pinterest where you can find virtually anything from DIY crafts to the perfect outfits. Online sites have hundreds of thousands of different styles in all colours and sizes so you can play around until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Jasmine Adams found her dress in the Fashion District in Downtown LA and said, “I was looking for something form-fitting but not too revealing and either in purple or red. Something like a mermaid style dress.” She found her dress after a long day of searching and also said that it’s the under the cut stores that carry more variety than the regular chain stores that have the same style dresses.


There are many chain stores that carry prom dresses, such as Bella or David’s Bridal, but many young women prefer to spend the day in the Fashion District where there are rows upon rows of stores that cater to their needs. The good thing about these rows of stores is that if one of them is out of your colour or size, you can always continue on to the next store and find another. Dresses there seem to be a lot cheaper as well than going to boutiques in your nearby malls. It seems that many girls go further away from home to find their dream dress in fear of purchasing the same dress as someone else who will be attending their prom. Stores like Bella in the Antelope Valley Mall take down your name, school, and dress style so that this exact situation won’t occur.

Remember that if you can’t find your perfect dress, expand your horizons a bit and try on as many dresses as you can. You’ll be surprised at what you end up liking more than your original vision!