Media Center Update: What’s Going on in There?

IMG_1395[1]By Ananya Sharma

As we all know the student library has been under construction for the past month as it becomes the student center, which has been called the media center. Some may be wondering what’s been taking so long. What are they adding to make it better? Are they taking away all the books and going all online? But the one everyone is curious about, are we really adding a new café? Well the paw print staff is here to answer all the questions.

Most of the computer are being replaced with brand new Chromebooks that students can check out. If students are interested in getting books, they can go to the library and choose from a wide selection before they’re all gone. Keep in mind that they aren’t getting rid of all their books.

They are adding brand new carpets and applying a fresh coat of paint. New furniture is also being added, such as sofas, new chairs, and  new tables to go along with the old ones. One of the librarians, Mrs. Swartz, says there will be a small café with coffee and other drinks. According to her, it might take a while before they are complete but it seems as if it will be worth the wait.

Mr.Ford has said, “The new student center will be awesome. It will be a collaboration space for students to work individually or in a group. We will be trying to meet the students needs, say if they wanted a computer programing class, since we don’t offer that here, we can find someone in the community to come and teach the students once or more a week. I say its going to seem like more of a calm and friendly environment offering new drinks and snacks . We are also trying to keep it open till 7 or 8 p.m.”

Although when I talked to Mr. Ford, the principal said the library will be closing and opening throughout the year and will stay open at the end of may. Unfortunately, the grand opening will be in fall, so the seniors will not be able to enjoy the new student center.