B. Volleyball Captains on Leading the Team

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Image courtesy of @mario_is_lame


by Hannah Douglas

Highland High School’s boys’ volleyball team is more than half way through their season, and besides the 2 losses from Quartz Hill HS, they have beat every other team in the league with ease. Partial credit of all their success goes to the team captains, this year’s having a large influence on the team. Hunter Douglas, head captain of the team since his sophomore year, has grown to be a great leader over the years. Alongside co-captain Tyler Martin, the two have worked well on showcasing how to be leaders, as well as how to encourage their teammates.

Douglas (#21) has the position of the Setter and also Opposite Hitter of the team. Douglas says, “I love the position I’m currently playing as a setter, I wouldn’t choose any other position to play”.

I asked Douglas what he thinks the rest of his volleyball season is going to turn out to be like, he responded, “As long as we stay focused for the rest of season, we will win the rest of our games and take second place in Golden League, right behind Quartz Hill”.

I asked him if his varsity team this year feels like a family and if they all get along; he affirmed it and said, “We all feel like a family and get along perfectly, although we are serious when we need to be like in practices or games, off the court we are best friends and goof off while having some really funny moments with each other.”

As a personal question towards Douglas, I asked him what his future plans for volleyball are, he told me, “After high school, I wish to go to Santa Monica College, become the starting setter of the team, and from there just work hard to get a scholarship to play at a university; preferably U.S.C. After college I hope to work hard enough to eventually play on the National USA Men’s Volleyball team.”

Martin (#14) Middle Hitter, and just like Douglas, he loves his position and wouldn’t prefer to play any other spot. I asked him how he believes a good captain should act towards their teammates, he responded by saying “I believe any good captain should motivate their teammates to do their best and stay focused in practices and games, regardless of how that captain is personally feeling.”

Martin and Douglas both seem to have the same mindset when it comes their role, which is great because that’ll prevent any conflict on the team. I then asked Martin what his future plans were for volleyball, he said “I know for sure that I want to play in college, but I don’t plan to continue volleyball beyond that.”

Both Douglas and  Martin seem to be great volleyball captains, and if they keep up their hard work and leadership then Douglas’s quote about them winning the rest of their games for the season will come true.