Movie Review: Furious 7

By Cheyenne Ferrin

Furious is terrible. Most of the actors, such as Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, and even Vin Diesel, seem as if they can’t act to save their lives. Vin Diesel did a better job in the 2005 film The Pacifier than in Furious 7. The movie had a plot, but really doesn’t make much sense as it seems very unorganized and random. I felt the screenwright had brought in “Ramsey” (Nathalie Emmanuel) to try and give action to the plot but she had no real purpose.

Throughout the film there are people looking for a program made by Ramsey called “Gods Eye”. The program consists of being able to find anyone, anywhere, at any time through the wonderful world of electronics. As this program is incredibly cool and would be awesome to have, there was no real understanding of why people wanted the program and would kill to get it. They never said what they would use it for or why they needed it, the bad people just jumped in to killing for it.

Furious 7 was quite an emotional movie as it was Paul Walker’s last film in which he was featured before his untimely death on November 31st 2013. They had started filming before his death so most of the scenes with Brian O’Connor, Walker’s character, feature Walker. However, the last few scenes are of his brothers, Caleb and Cody Walker, who kindly jumped in to finish the film. Director James Wan decided to retire Walker’s character rather than kill him off. Walker’s death was hard on everyone on the Fast and Furious cast, who over the years had grown close with him.

The film’s best feature was the tribute at the end for Walker, as it brought tears to many people’s eyes and warmed their hearts. The film has recently reached over $1 Billion faster than any film ever has. People went to watch for Walker and that’s all that matters, as he will be forever missed. Even though it wasn’t the best film, a definite must see because of Paul.  

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