Poppy Festival Endures Through the Drought


by Loraina London Calderon

Every year the Antelope Valley hosts its annual Poppy Festival at Lancaster City Park, in celebration of the blooming of our vibrant state flower, the poppy. The festival is normally filled with stunning poppy inspired art as well as poppy floral arrangements, but sadly this year the poppies were lacking.

Due to the fact that our lovely state is in a drought, the limited amount of rain we received caused for the poppies to bloom early, thus blooming weeks before the actual festival.

Though not as decorative as usual, the festival still had it’s usual abundance of booths varying from healthcare kiosks to vendors selling rock band t-shirts; not to mention the multitude of  food vendors, which truly makes the festival worth it. This festival was created for local vendors to display their goods as well as lovers of the poppy to come and see what our little valley has to offer.

Even without the poppies, the festival was still a blast (who doesn’t enjoy walking around a park in 90 degree weather?). I attended the festival with my cousin because, though I have gone numerous times previous years, not much else occurs in the AV and she had never been.

If you ever plan on attending the festival, never underestimate the weather in the Antelope Valley. Your best bet is to go outside with a pair of shorts, a tank top and a light sweater, mainly due to the fact that the weather will switch up on you in a matter of seconds.

The Poppy Festival is no exception to these rules, being that it was at Lancaster City Park there was shade, but due to the trees the wind didn’t really enter the park making the 75 degree weather feel like 85.

Also when attending festival as such, make sure to travel light because you’re bound to circle the park at least twice.

With the sun beaming picking up something to drink is inevitable, so at a vending booth my cousin and I purchased horchata and strawberry lemonade. I don’t know if it was because I was thirsty or just because it was amazing, but the Poppy Festival sold the best strawberry lemonade I have ever had.

Every year I’ve been, the Poppy Festival has always been filled with color, culture, and fun; this year I was not disappointed either.