YouTube Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


Students at Highland High School use the internet to complete a plethora of their daily tasks. Some students use the internet for the sole purpose of connecting with friends on social media, and on the other end of the spectrum some use it only to complete their homework.

Somewhere in the middle comes YouTube. Students use the video streaming service to relax, unwind, and research different topics for assignments. YouTube is a video streaming service that for the most part relays videos shot by amatuer videographers, or as they are known on YouTube, “vloggers.” YouTube celebrated its 10 year anniversary in April. YouTube “celebrities” are have been picking up in popularity, and as a result have ended up landing acting jobs on television shows and commercials.

With examples such as Glozell Green, Michelle Phan, Tyler Oakley, and Jenna Marbles who have all made cameo appearances on movies, commercials and the like, one can deduce that YouTube has sprung up in popularity and salience since its introduction all those years ago. YouTube personalities such as these, have been life savers and stress relievers during times   when students really needed a virtual getaway from the harsh substrate of reality.

Student Jacob De Paz says, “I watch YouTube videos starring many of these people in order to relieve school related stresses, and just to pass the time.” Another student Faith Osborne on the other hand, chooses to watch YouTube videos “just because its something to do.” This proves that there are different reasons that people tune into this perennial video streaming service.

The celebration of YouTube’s 10 year anniversary, was a really big event all over the world. YouTube’s influence on the world has been extremely transcendent, and its relevance in the daily lives of people all over the world has created a niche for itself among the human odyssey.

By Tristan Maxwell-Girod