HHS Seniors Wish for Disney on Grad Night

For years, Disneyland has been the traditional place for southern California’s high school graduating seniors to spend one last night together before graduation day. Disappointment and complaints were heard from the class of 2015 when the seniors discovered that their grad night will be held at Six Flags rather than Disneyland.

Sources from senior senate reportthat Highland is unable to go to Disneyland this year because Lancaster High School reserved buses for the event before Highland’s, taking our sole source of transportation.

Many seniors refuse to go to Six Flags and insist on taking a trip to Disneyland themselves. Kathryn Tripp stated, “My friends and I are going to 24 hour Disney rather than Six Flags because it’s practically the same price and who would want to pay 100 dollars for Six Flags.”


RStudent store cashier Rebecca Gorman stated that “approximately 35% of seniors bought tickets to grad night”, it seems that the cost also played a large role in the lack of ticket sales. The major concern was spending 100 dollars on a place they can go to for 30-60 dollars any day of the week.

Only 275 tickets were sold out of 700 seniors. If grad night was held in Disneyland we would have seen the ticket sales increase drastically. Although, many seniors were let down they won’t let this ruin their grad night, many still have plans to spend May 28th with friends.


By Amber Philbeck