Movie Review: Get Hard

Get-Hard-PosterIn director Etan Cohen’s comedic movie Get Hard, the audience goes on a crazy adventure with comedians Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Ferrell plays a stuck up stock broker known as James King, and Hart plays Darnell Lewis, a businessman who claims he has been to prison before. When James King is told he will be going to jail for laundering money, he hires Darnell Lewis to teach him how to be a thug. James King does not realize Darnell Lewis is as clueless as he is, but it doesn’t stop Lewis from taking his money in a series of faux prison lessons.


The best thing about this movie was the star’s that came out in it. There was plenty of hilarity that ensued. However, at times they took their “jokes” to the extreme. For example, Darnell Lewis put James King through a series of situations that may happen in prison, like rape. Personally I do not find rape to be a funny issue, so the movie stepped over the line a bit in my opinion. The movie is also very different because there is no good or bad guy, everyone is just clueless. There was a lack of an actual story plot and character development. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart did bring a lot of energy and that made it way more fun.

Overall this movie was pretty offensive at times, especially against black, white, and gay people. Another thing I did not really like is the fact that the story was predictable. After a couple minutes into the movie I had already predicted the ending. I would recommend waiting till this movie came out on Netflix.  

By Jose Cordova