Album Review: Choose Your Weapon


Haitus Kaiyote, an Australian “future soul” group has recently gained some popularity due to the release of their sophomore album “Choose Your Weapon.” The album features Nai Palm (vocalist and guitarist), Perrin Moss (Drummer), Simon Mavin (synthesizer), and Paul Bender (bassist).

The group produces very intricate and psychedelic melodies that fuse with the soulful voice of Nai Palm. Together the two elements coagulate to form the iconic sound that is Hiatus Kaiyote. Tracks like “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk” “Molasses” and “Nakamarra” to name a few, the album mixes their “future soul” sound with elements of other musical sounds such as pop and electronic which ultimately results in an infectious rhythm capable of making anyone no matter how rhythmless and unaffected they are feel the vibes.

After listening to the album, Jasmine Cea says, “It’s a great album, it has a variety of different sounds like jazz, electronic, and experimental. It also gives really chill vibes and the lead singer’s voice really catches you and allows you to grasp the feeling and depth of the music. Her voice is spot on.”

Overall the album is a great listen and it provides one with a relaxing atmosphere to wind down to after a long day while also injecting enough flavor and energy to get the endorphins pumping.

By Tristan Girod-Maxwell