Ray Goren

By Madison Beaver

On September 10th, Highland High school was privileged with a visit by an up and coming musical artist: Ray Goren, who was joined by his two bass players and his drummer. The 16-year old guitar enthusiast sang many original songs as well as a popular cover of the song “Style” by Taylor Swift in Highland’s very own theater.

He blessed our ears with a multiple number of guitar and drum solos, getting the crowd hyped and excited with the sound. Along with taking the time to play music, he also stayed after the bell to sign autographs and snap some selfies with those who lingered. Goren’s band members were also very friendly when many people rushed the stage hoping for autographs as well as talking with the fans.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the young artist who has been recognized as an “old soul”. Many even believed his music resembled that of another indie rock band the “Arctic Monkeys”. The group of students singing along to the band could also note on the amount of emotion the guys put into the music, they were totally enveloped into the sound, their faces showed it. Ray Goren even posted on his social media’s how the concert at Highland was a success, he even commented on some student’s Twitter posts.

Student Nathalie Reyes tweeted: @RayGoren aww man I wish we got a photo with Ray lol.

Ray Goren replied to her with: @nathaliereyesr Next time I promise!