Bite to Eat

By: Alana Brown 

Discussing the nutrition in the student body is a very important topic to touch on. Some students may agree that some of the healthiest food may not taste the beSchool-Food-1-640x458st. Well, this school claims to serve you only the healthiest food like wheat bread and whole grains. The chefs and cafeteria staff swear by the food diagram. Some students may have heard of a yummy, yet fattening meal called “Taco in a Bag” or “Pepper Bellies”. Sounds appealing right?”. Students around Highland have agreed that the salad bar is their addiction and can’t resist getting in a lengthy line just to taste some peppers, tomatoes and jalapeños (which are optional) topping their hot nachos. When asked many students prefer a tastier lunch instead of a healthy one. According to one student “I feel pepper bellies are better and my taste buds jump when I eat them. That is the most satisfying feeling”.