High School…So Far

By Arlene Valencia

This year 794 freshmen enrolled this year here at Highland High School. I can say that enrollment went well this year, helping freshmen enroll into school was a smooth ride.

Starting high school can be a bit intimidating and Freshmen Michael Lopez said,” I thought it would be pretty awesome, i thought i would have a good time here, and would make some friends”. Michael seemed pretty stoked about high school. Alexis Vizcarra said,”My thoughts about high school before I came here what was it going to be like, I did not know what to expect, I didn’t know what people would be like.” Another freshmen Vincent Nguyen said,” My thought on high school was excitement. I thought it would be much more exciting, however its only been a couple weeks so I can’t judge heavily yet.”Freshman 15

Everyone experiences their first day of high school a little different. Lopez said,”My first day was okay, I was nervous and didn’t see any of my friends.” ¬†Vizcarra on the other hand was very confused because he didn’t know where to go and he didn’t understand his schedule much. Nguyen explained how his first day was kind of a mystery because he didn’t know what to expect.

High school can be scary, Lopez was scared about getting bullied because of his height, he thought someone would go around making fun of him. Vizcarra wasn’t scared about anything because he has senior friends to help him out with anything. Nguyen was scared of the fact of people accomplishing so much in the matter of four years and he fears that people will achieve more than him.

Everyone has expectations, Lopez expects to make new friends here at Highland. He expects to make new friends and get used to the program of how high school works. Vizcarra said,” I don’t expect anything but to have a regular school year and to make new friends.” Nguyen explained how he expects it to be the most easiest part so far. He expects a hopeful experience from high school.