Boy’s Cross Country


By: Kristopher Gomez-Vidal

The Highland boy’s cross country team is looking forward to a great season. Over the summer the boy’s team had gained well over 200+ miles. Their determination and ha
rd work will take these boys to first place. The team is well and determined to win the title of Golden League
Champions this year.

The boys coach, Jeff Smith, is expecting all his runners to keep improving on their times and have even faster mile times than last year. He is confident about this year’s team and has set high goals for his top 7 runners. Camden Smith, Leo Oliva, Herschel Smith, Shane Hixon, Kristopher Gomez-Vidal, Ralph Lopez, and Bradley Chew are all on his top runner list. They are to perform well under 16 minutes for the 5k race and are expected to win 1st place overall in the AV.

Last year the boy’s team came in second overall against Quartz Hill, their biggest competition, who finished in first. The boys have high hopes for finishing the season in 1st
place with team captains, Ralph Lopez and Camden Smith, stating that they feel “very confident that their team will be able to beat the competition this year”. They are pushing everyone on the boy’s team to do their best in order to accomplish their goal and win golden league.

The upperclassmen on the team want to set a good  example of a winner’s mentality to the underclassmen on the team. Incoming freshman, Abraham Sosa says, “I’mjust a freshman but I’m excited to run with the more experienced boy’s in the AV.” The boys are training harder and harder each day to regain the Golden League title. We wish the luck. Go. Fight. Win unnamed