Girl’s Tennis : Ready to Take on Playoffs

By: Alexander Makijew

There are many newcomers in this year’s girls tennis, however only four varsity contenders are returning to reprise their post on the Highland girl’s tennis team. These athletes include: Elaine Ma, Florence Lam, Gabriela Alvarez, and Nicole Potenciano.

These more experienced individuals will without a doubt sports-tennis-apgive Highland High School an advantage in future games. Currently Highland remains the victor with scores resulting 3-0 overall and 1-0 in League, with wins over
Golden Valley, Rosamond, and a league win over Antelope Valley.Lam, one of the returning players states that “While other teams do often seem a bit aggressive and confrontational during games, most of them are used to it by now and tend to ignore their attitude.” When asked about her opinion on her own team she simply disregarded any complaints and stated that all of them “play fairly well”.

Since the league has already begun, the girls go against Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Knight, Little Rock, and Eastside on a weekly basis. Though the last game against Quartz Hill resulted in a loss, coach,Manuel Mobley, is the  is determined stating he looks for “success, hard work, and readiness in order to bring down the competition in the playoffs this season.”