The Real Kings of the Hill

By: Angel Garcia 

On October 16 Highland High School hosted its annual homecoming game for the 2015-2016 school year against arch rivals Quartz Hill High School. Known for their 5 year undefeated streakIMG_4913, the Quartz Hill rebels came into bulldog territory ready to win. The rebels even trashed the Highland football field hours before the game in order to show the bulldogs that they were not afraid of a little competition. However the bulldogs kept it classy and decided to let their anger out on the football field, however the confrontation did make Highland a little uneasy and nervous about how to tackle the game.

Though 2 years ago Quartz Hill had won the homecoming game, beating the bulldogs by a single point, on Friday night Highland came out on top and took the title as “Kings of the Hill”

Highland beat Quartz Hill for the first time in  5 years with a close score of 27-24. This was a great victory for our Highland bulldogs.

Tai Williams, a Highland senior and varsity football member, is one of the amazing players that made it all possible. Coach Stowe said Tai “is a hard worker who pushes for the very best. Considering that it is  Tai’s last year at Highland, he is determined for the best this year and he’s starting out strong”. Within the last couple of seconds of the game everyone had butterflies in their stomach. Everyone asked, “was he going to make this last touchdown?”, “are we going to IMG_4922actually beat QHS?” . These questions and more were asked by everyone in the stands, the players, and the coaches. It was a great feeling; the feeling you get when you’re so excited but nervous at the same time. Everyone was bursting with excitement but was also scared to lose to Quartz Hill. But with a HUGE turn of events we pulled it off and made the win.

One of Coach Stowe’s sayings are “keep it close, no matter how tired you are don’t give up no matter how sore, don’t give up and keep it close’. This is the start of Highland’s winning path.
Coach Stowe expressed his feeling of the game and said “as we walked onto the field I wanted to win but I knew it was going to be a battle, I expected us to win this battle but it wasn’t going to be easy. After last years lost against Quartz Hill I vowed to never lose another game to them again”. With that vow coach stowe did his best and trained the bulldogs to their very best pushing them beyond their limits. The bulldogs did their very best and within the last couple of seconds of the game Tai Williams led Highland to victory. The people in the stands IMG_4926cheered. Everyone yelled and jumped with excitement.

Coach Stowe was relieved and got an ice bath from the players. All the people in the stands rushed to the field and cheered for our bulldogs. This was a big win for the bulldogs and all the bulldogs have to say is that now we can call ourselves the “Kings of the Hill”.