Senior Panoramic

By: Amairany Armenta

“Hot, annoying, and time consuming”, was how Highland senior, Jordan Elliott and many others described the Class of 2016 panoramic picture day.

 The panoramic picture for the class of 2016 took place on October 9, 2015, during third period. Highland seniors were called out of their classes to meet up at the home bleachers to get the picture taken. However before everyone arrived at the bleachers many seniors like Aidan Alvarez were “excited to get their picture taken”.However IMG_9475many student’s mood soon changed due to the excruciating heat. Alvarez stated that he even felt “like he was being surrounded by monkeys”due to the fact that many student were not getting organized and acting pretty

On the other hand, senior, Kayla Sanchez, disagreed with Alvarez stating that she thought ¨it was pretty cool¨ and also added that “she enjoyed the experience because she got to spend time with her squad”. Like Sanchez, many students were very happy to be taking the picture. The bleachers were dazzling with different colored shirts that spelled out many different things from a simple “HHS” to a long tagline such “2016 Runnin This Thing”.IMG_9468IMG_0202

 The picture did not take the whole period but it was undeniably hot. This made everyone grouchy, especially when students were acting out and not following the photographers directions. We can expect the senior panoramic to come out with everyone looking at different places and with grouchy faces due to the annoyingly bright sun hitting everyone’s face.