Spirit Week Madness

By: Angel Garcia

Hey Bulldogs! By the significant amount of Instagram posts and tweets students have posted throughout last week, it is no doubt to say that the 2015 Highland High School spirit week had an amazing turnout. With hundreds of posts on all social media outlets, the bulldogs were hyped and ready to tackle on homecoming.

Spirit week is the only time of the year when students can really get wild and wacky with their school spirit. They can paint their faces, wear pj’s to school, dress up, and have fun. This year Highland High School had a significant amount of students who participated, making it one of the most spirited years ever.

This year a new idea created by ASB and Senior Senate was presented to the student body. Through both Twitter and Instagram students were allowed to post pictures where they participated in spirit week using the hashtag IMG_2020#hhspride(class year) in which the wining class would receive free munchie’s yogurt.But what started out as friendly competition, quickly escalated into a heated battle between the class of 2016 and 2017.

On Twitter, juniors began commenting on the senior class spirit, stating that “they aren’t as spirited as they think”. Seniors quickly took control of the situation firing back at the class of 2017. Many students seemed offended by the comments but that only fueled the senior class into wanting to take the win from the underclassmen.

This year’s spirit week was disney themed and began on Monday October 12. The days listed were: College day (Monsters University),Twin day (Tweedledee & Tweedledum), Hawaiian day(Lilo & Stitch) , Pajama day(Nightmare Before Christmas), and finally Blackout and Disney hat day (Mickey and Minnie).

College day encouraged everyone to wear their dream college gear. Students showed their pride, wearing t-shirts, hatsIMG_3148, pants that supported their favorite college/university. Students were quick to post their pictures using the #hhspride tag and completely flooded social media. You could not go a day without seeing something relating to spirit week. Senior Hillary Ramirez said “at first I didn’t expect people to actually use the hashtag and was surprised to see a lot of people actually get into it (myself included)”. (Psst! If you wore college stuff you just might be in the student paper and yearbook!)

Twin day was the day when students paired with their friend(s) and matched outfits. Couples,sisters, brothers, best friends, teachers, staff, were all twinning in amazing outfits. Some couples dressed as superheroes or had shirts that read“he’s mine and she’s mine”

Wednesday however was turning point of the spirit week coIMG_2050mpetition. Hawaiian day took place on October 14 and was quite the vacation day. Literally. As most sophomores and juniors were set to take the PSAT, seniors decided to take an early ditch day ,with almost have the class being absent that day. However the junior class decided saw this as the perfect opportunity to collect spirit points considering that most of the senior class was absent. All around school you saw people with flowers, coconut  cups,hats,sunglasses, and much IMG_3272more.

Considering that on Wednesday seniors were unable to match the amount of posts created by the junior class, they took advantage of pajama day and took an abundance of photos. Senior Kathleen Betancourt stated “this is my senior year! There is no way I’m letting the underclassmen beat us”. With that spirit all classes came in the comfy pjs and showed their bulldog pride.

Finally Mickey and Minnie Mouse day or black out day. Students dressed up as mickey and minnie mouse or even just wore all black to school and painted their faces in highland colors. So many couples dressed up as Mickey and Minnie mouse. There were groups of people all around school dressed up. All around campus everywhere you went you saw couple,friends,teachers, and even a staff member or two. This spirit week was the very best and the student body can’t wait to see how the next spirit week will ever top this one.  GO BULLDOGS!!!