Quad Competion: Battle of the Classes

By: Isabelle Kolar 

Last week on Friday October 16, in addition to spirit week and in preparation for the Homecoming pep rally, the school had organized a “Quad Competition” to get classes pumped up. Each class was IMG_1976assigned a quad, or the commons in senior class’s case. Freshmen were assigned 1st quad, Sophomores had 2nd, Juniors had 3rd, and of course seniors had the commons. Unfortunately the Freshmen class did not participate. 

Since the theme for Homecoming was Disney, each class designed their quad on a specific Disney movie. Sophomores did theirs on “Alice in Wonderland” with a tea party set up and a fog machine. Juniors did “Lilo and Stitch” with a banner and window decor. IMG_1950Seniors did overall Disney with an assortment of Disney characters all over the commons.

All classes did a wonderful job decorating their quads and all deserved to win but as announced at the pep rally, the Sophomore class won the competition. Great job for all classes and congratulations for Sophomores!IMG_1938