Sophomores & Juniors Prepare for SAT

By: Andrea Manzur

Preparing students for college is one of Highland High School’s biggest goals. Since this has become a great importance to all school PSAT-NMSQTdistricts nationwide, the state of California waived the fees on the
PSAT this year, so that all juniors could prepare for the SAT. On October 14, 2015, the PSAT was held for all juniors as well as sophomores.

What is the PSAT? Well, the PSAT is a practice test for the real SAT and is available to those who wish to advance to college or university. A Highland junior, Samantha Sprengelmeyer, explained that the PSAT will help her in the future stating that “it could help me get into the college I want”. She also claims that “they are giving it to all iStock_000019692510XSmalljuniors so they do a better job on the actual SAT”. Junior Angela Bolrsan claims the same as her fellow classmate that the PSAT will be helpful to her future in college. It will help her “practice for the actual SAT”.

Not only is the PSAT a good way to prepare for the SAT, it can also open many doors. If students receive an almost perfect or perfect score they can get many scholarship offers. The more academically successful you are the more scholarships are available, so in this case it is important to take the PSAT seriously. The PSAT proves to be a great opportunity for Highland’s juniors. It is a big step toward college and the next big step in their lives.